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Dhanalak #1 Multi-Branch Chain Accounting Inventory Management Software

This website describes our Dhanalak #1 Multi-Branch Chain Accounting Inventory Management Software. This software is especially suitable for automatic branch syncronization and management. The software can transmit and consolidate data from multiple branches, sites over the internet and make branch management simpler.

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  1. Hardware Requirements

    When two or more computers are connected in a network, the main computer(s) on which the database is stored is called the server and the other computers are called clients or users.

    Server Computers32 GBWindows 7/8, Linux, FreeBSD
    Client Computers8 GBWindows 7/8, Linux, FreeBSD

    You can use a computer as both client and server though for best performance it is recommended to put dedicated servers.

  2. Price of the software license

    Subscription charges per month
    Charges include unlimited help & support, further continuous development, special customization for you, special reports development for you, automatic everyday incremental database backup from your hard disk to our servers, monthly upgrades, communication server access and initial data conversion from your existing software.
    Number of BranchesUsers Per Branch
    Availability depends on the spare capacity of our branch to branch communication servers. As and when we add more servers to our network, we will add more stock.
    Stock Status100 Mbps1 TBUSD 999UnlimitedUnlimited
    200 Mbps2 TBUSD 1999UnlimitedUnlimited
    300 Mbps3 TBUSD 2999UnlimitedUnlimited
    400 Mbps4 TBUSD 3999UnlimitedUnlimited
    500 Mbps5 TBUSD 4999UnlimitedUnlimited
  3. The price is on a per company database basis.
  4. Head office must have DSL or broadband internet connection. Branch offices can use dial-up.
  5. You will receive the software by downloading it from the website. Every thing is done online.


This software has not been tested on XP/2000/2003 and may not install or work properly on these older versions of windows. 32 bit version is deprecated and will soon be withdrawn.

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To contact us send email to with subject containing the word 'software'. Any mail without the keyword 'software' in the subject is automatically deleted as spam.

Prominent Customers

The following is a partial list of prominent customers. It is a list across all industries, not necessarily the industry featured on this page.

Customer NameParticulars
Ministry of Health, BarbadosCountry: Barbados
Industry: Healthcare Management
Customer Since: October 2007

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